Electric Fence Signs Save From a “Shocking” Experience

| May 10, 2017

A typical electric fence is meant to issue a deterrent shock that will cause a person to back away, but not strong enough to cause permanent harm. They’re widely used in livestock enclosures, for farm protection from pests and predators, or as property protection against trespassers.
However, there have been incidents when fence installers have faced criminal lawsuits for injuring (or even killing) people who’ve accidentally come in contact with the electric fence. Negligence on the part of the fence installer—setting the current higher than the safe limits or failing to install a regulator that sends pulsating current instead of steady flow—is usually why such accidents happen.

Electric Fence Lawnboss Sign Kit

The electricity should cause only a muscle contraction similar to a muscle cramp. But no matter how safe the electric fences are, it is always best to post Electric Fence Warning Signs. A clear and conspicuous warning can save passersby from unpleasant shocks.

While adding visibility to the fence, these warning signs also deter trespassers and other ne’er-do-wells from entering your property. Our pre-assembled LawnBoss ™ Signs can be installed much ahead of the fence to create a barrier and prevent people from coming too close to the fence.

Another important reason to post signs is that many laws require electric fence warning signage at regular intervals. For instance, Fort Worth, Texas, requires inward and outward warning signs (in English and Spanish) to be posted every 30 feet along the perimeter of the fence line. Check your city or county for specific requirements.


It is also a good idea to mention the voltage on an alarmed electric fence. Fence clips can be used to attach signs on a chain-link fence. Screw the bracket’s bolts through your sign and fasten them to the back side of the fence.


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