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Posted Signage Frequently Asked Questions and Regulations

Q. What can be done to keep trespassers/intruders off my property?

Installing Posted No Trespassing signage along the boundary of your land or property is an effective way to keep unwanted trespassers off. You can also use certain specified paints to mark boundaries. Other methods include installing surveillance cameras and a security alarm system. You can even mention on your signs that you have security cameras and alarms in place. Install fencing around your property to curb intentional and unintentional trespassing. You can also take the help of a guard dog and amp up the security on your property.

Q. What does it really mean when a property is 'posted'?

Posting a property means landowners have complete control over their property or property they lease, in their absence. A property is considered posted when a Posted Sign is installed on the boundaries to prohibit any kind of unwanted activity. Often referred to as 'legally posted,' it means trespassing, hunting, fishing and/or trapping is prohibited without written permission.

Q. Are there any regulatory requirements for Posted Signs?

Every state has different requirements. For example, New York State requires posted signs not less than eleven inches by eleven inches. Signs must have the name and address of the landowner. Signs should be conspicuous (Many states require text to be at least 2” high for good readability).
Some states also require a sign to be placed at least every few feet (such as 500’) alongside the edge of your property or land. But signs must not be so close as to create an “eyesore”. Illegible or missing signs should be replaced once a year.
Regulatory requirements differ as per state, it is best to check with your local authorities for details.

Q. Are Posted Signs legally enforceable?

Yes. Posted Signs are in fact required by law. Legally, you are permitted to post your property boundaries. Posting allows you to control access to your property, or property you lease, in your absence. States also charge a fine if the requirements of posted signs are violated. For example - In New York, trespassing on areas posted against trespass pursuant to the Environmental Conservation Law is illegal and results in a fine of up to $250 and/or up-to 15 days in jail.

Q. Is it necessary to have 'Posted' notices in Yellow color only?

As such, there is no law governing the color of Posted Signs. However, Posted Signs must be “conspicuous” enough to be spotted from a distance by a person who is about to enter your property. Yellow is a preferred color choice because it gets attention even in cluttered spaces and indicates some kind of “caution”. As a property owner, it is your duty to make the signs visible and conspicuous, without being an eyesore. Hence, black text on a yellow background is a great choice. Other color schemes are also available including orange, red, black & white, etc.
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