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Gun and Concealed Weapon Laws: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it legal to walk around with Guns in the United States?

It depends on which state you are in. 31 American states allow open carry of guns without any license or permit. Fifteen states require some form of license or permit in order to openly carry guns. Over the past three decades, state laws have changed drastically allowing more and more people to carry guns in public places. However, federal law restricts gun possession in certain public places like post offices, schools, federal buildings, airports and aircrafts, etc

Q. What does carrying a 'concealed weapon' really mean?

Concealed carry of weapons means firearms should not be seen by a casual observer. The handgun or other weapon is carried in public in a concealed or hidden manner. Gun owners can carry their weapon in a pocket holster, purse, bag, trunk, in glove compartment, under a car seat, etc. Refer individual state laws to check who may carry concealed weapons and the procedures they must follow.

Q. What are the signage regulations to prohibit firearms use on any premises?

In states like Texas and Georgia, if businesses want to prohibit firearms on their premises, they can do so by posting conspicuous signs. State laws differ in the rights of business owners to refuse guns on-premises, however, the majority of states allow private businesses to choose whether or not to allow guns. You have to check with your state laws whether or not you can post a no guns sign. Like, in Wisconsin businesses are required to post a sign prohibiting guns that is at least "5 inches by 7 inches" and state the restriction on carrying a firearm.

Q. Does the Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act apply to all schools?

The Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA) prohibits any person from knowingly possessing a gun at a “school zone.” The law applies to public, private, and parochial elementary schools and high schools, and to non-private property within 1000 feet of them. The law was introduced by Congress and encouraged each state receiving federal funds for education to follow suit and introduce their own laws, now known as zero-tolerance laws.

Q. Are gun laws applicable only in Texas?

Gun laws are applicable in most American states. You can check your respective gun law and the most appropriate gun sign for your state on our site. Many states have Texas-like gun laws for open carry and concealed carry of guns.
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