Make an Impression with Custom SignatureSign™ Security Signs

July 7, 2017

Standard property signs can look severe and create an atmosphere of hostility.

Our line of custom SignatureSign™ designs are an ideal choice when you want to be firm about property rules without seeming aggressive. With our designer templates, you can create signs that are a perfect match for your tasteful landscapes, bolstering your neighborhood appeal.

Whether you want to warn about video surveillance, prohibit loitering, or ban soliciting, these designs allow you to personalize any message you want.

How to customize

  1. Start by selecting the template with the graphic you want.
  2. Add your warning or notice and select a color for your sign. We offer SignatureSign™ products in Hunter Green and Burgundy.
  3. Choose your material. We offer these signs in standard and reflective aluminum. Aluminum signs come with a 10 year warranty. Reflective aluminum offers higher visibility day and night.
    Select your order quantity, and you’re done!


Preview your design

While you are making custom changes, our online wizard shows you how your design will actually look. No ugly surprises here.

No charges for customization

We don’t charge anything for customization; you only pay for the sign. If you have a specific design in mind for your designer security sign, we can create it for you! Just send us a picture (it can even be a rough sketch on a paper) and our team will do the rest.

Start customizing your SignatureSign™ security signs!

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