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Dumpster Diving: Kinda Gross, Understandably Illegal

June 5, 2017

Shame isn’t always a good deterrent to dumpster diving. Mackenzie Grover, a Wisconsin college student and an avid dumpster diver says, “As a college student, I’m often short on money and dumpster diving is a resource for free food.”

Similarly, two Colorado teens were recently found in a dumpster looking for beauty products and they revealed that the idea came to them from Facebook.

Regardless, dumpster diving is illegal and unsanitary. If the dumpster is on private property, the diver is breaking the law and can be cited or even arrested for trespassing. There’s also a risk that dumpster diving leads to identity theft because a lot of people casually discard sensitive personal information, like bank statements, in dumpsters. The dumpster diver is a nuisance, and when trash gets out of the dumpster, it can attract vermin.

Signs are a good deterrent.

Our No Dumpster Diving Signs warn people not to dig through, climb, or play around dumpsters. Posted signs can also reduce your liability in case of any personal injury to the diver.

No Dumpster Diving Sign


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