Electric fence signs to prevent trespassing and avoid injuries

| April 11, 2013
warning electric fence sign

This sign communicates that the fence has a monitored burglar alarm system (via Mr. Thomas).

Fox News Channel personality Andrew P. Napolitano was sued by a groundsman who was seriously injured when he touched an electric fence on his property. If Napolitano had the foresight to put an electric fence sign, he would have avoided the law suit.

Electric fences are useful in preventing unauthorized access to a property by keeping trespassers out. Electric fences with alarms are often used as a security measure by prisons, military bases, and government buildings to prevent security breaches. They are also used for containing animals (livestock) and restricting their movement (wildlife).

Posting electric fence signs is mandated by law.  Many state and local governments require signs to be posted at conspicuous locations and appropriate distances to inform passersby of the danger and help prevent unintentional injuries. For instance, Fort Worth, Texas requires inward and outward warning signs (in English and Spanish) to be posted at intervals of 25 feet, inside and outside the perimeter of the electric fence.

electronic fences in use sign

Pictographic sign cautioning people around livestock to keep away from electronic fences. View this sign here.

Electric fence signs need to be highly visible both during the day and night. Large signs in high contrast colors like black or red on a yellow or white background are advisable. Signs should be easy to read and weather-resistant. They should be put at regular intervals along the fence so that visitors who approach from any direction are warned.

Our Electric Fence signs  come with pre-assembled stake kits, clips, and bolts. Some signs have clips on the back for quick installation on wire on the fence. Bolt-on signs can be easily fastened to any u-channel post or attached with screws to any surface. They have large holes for easy mounting. Signs made of 63 mil-thick aluminum do not bend even in severe weather conditions. They have rounded corners, so they’re easy to handle. Clear, bold signs are available in both plastic and aluminum. They are printed with 3M screen printing or 3M outdoor digital inks and last up to 15 years.

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