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SuperScrape Security Screening Mat: 29 in. x 34 in. Stand Here, Arms Out To Side (MT-0193) Learn More...

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Part# MT-0193
SPN# 5K87

Product Description

Expedite individual screening by instructing guests, customers, or passengers of the proper position and location to stand when conducting security checks with our Superscrape Security Screening Mat.

  • 100% nitrile rubber is durable yet ergonomic, and provides outstanding resistance against oil and chemicals.
  • Digitally printed thermo-plastics are molded into the mat to prevent fading of text and graphics from abrasions and foot traffic.
  • This security mat can be used for interior or exterior applications, and is easy to maintain—to clean hose off and air dry.
  • Long-lasting mat performs beautifully in all types of environments.
  • All rubber construction keeps the mat stationary and is certified slip-resistant by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute).
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  • 30" x 36"
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  • SuperScrape™
Oct 28
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  • Attractive color images are produced by molding digitally printed thermo-plastics into a durable Nitrile rubber mat. The anti-static Nitrile rubber offers protection against harmful static electricity.
  • Exceptionally resistant to sunlight, chemicals, and moisture these long lasting solid rubber mats are versatile, performing superbly in all types of environments.
  • In addition to its resistance to petroleum oils, Nitrile rubber is highly resistant to mineral oils, vegetable oils, and many acids.
  • SuperScrape™ mats may be used inside or out, and are ideal for facilities looking for easy maintenance—to clean simply hose down and air dry.
  • Textured surface cleats offer superior slip resistance and effective scraping action without sacrificing comfort. They're even comfortable to stand on barefooted! Plus, SuperScrape™ mats will not curl or crack and are certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.
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