Funny Security Signs—More Fun, More Attention, More Impact

May 11, 2017

Severe property warning signs may prevent people from entering your premises but they also create hostility which can mean bad behavior either toward you or your property. Besides, strict property signage isn’t always the best option for residential neighborhoods. A fun message goes down well with everyone, be it an expected guest or an unwanted solicitor.

Funny Security Signature Sign

Attract attention with Funny Security Signs and cheer up people as they pass by your property.

Our signs are funny yet effective, deterring wrongdoers. You can get candid and still get the job done with our funny signs posted on your land. They’re great for private farmlands, ranches, barns, fisheries, campsites, and other private property where physical vigilance isn’t always possible.

Trespassers Will Be Mistaken For Deer Sign

These signs also make great giveaways and wall décor at home.

Give your lawyer friend an ego boost with a Beware of Lawyer sign

Beware of Mom Sign

Surprise your friends and family with these signs funny beware signs

Bar Phone Fees Funny Sign

Similarly, a barfly will love this sign

Our line of Smile You’re on Camera signs are friendly but firm, giving notice to any potential intruders.

Smile Your Picture Has Been Taken Sign

MySecuritySign also has a wide range of custom products available, so if you don’t see exactly what you want, give us a call! Our experienced customer service team is happy to help you with all your signage needs.


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