6 tips to ward off Mischief Night vandals

October 24, 2013

For most homeowners, Halloween isn’t scary. There’s nothing frightful about children seeking candy (as long as you’re willing to fork it over, that is).  Unfortunately, though, some neighborhoods have to contend with Mischief Night, now just six days away, and teen-aged Mischief Night vandals. This can be very scary.

While police have managed to crack down on this annual occurrence in recent years, homeowners shouldn’t forget about the day altogether. Taking precautions against Mischief Night revelers will ensure that your property remains untouched, at least until those trick-or-treaters come knocking.

mischief night

Pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns are the easiest targets for vandalism. From Krelic.

How to ward off Mischief Night vandals

1. Stay home. Staying home is the best way to prevent vandals from striking. Leave a light on throughout the night so that potential vandals know there is someone awake and watching.

mischief night

Letting potential vandals know that toilet papering is illegal through clearly visible signs may make them think twice before tp’ing your house. From Steven Depolo.

2. If you can’t stay home, make it look like you’re home. Leave a light on, let the TV or radio play, or employ a device that mimics the flickering light of a television screen.

3. Hide yard toys. Put away your children’s skateboards and bicycles. You don’t want them to tempt vandals to either use them or steal them.

4. Protect your car. Cars can be easy targets for teens who need to quickly do their damage and leave. Put your car in the garage. If you don’t have a garage,  make sure you lock the car doors and think about investing in a car cover.

5. Move Halloween decorations inside for the night. Unfortunately, there’s a chance this could backfire and turn into an invitation for vandals to decorate your house themselves. If you believe this could be the case, just move your pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns inside as they are always ripe for smashing.

6. Post signs. The signs announcing your home security system are likely small and difficult to see in the dark. Mischief Night participants might not even view these signs as a deterrent, considering that they often remain long after the home security system has been removed. Posting larger, more visible “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” signs may actually do the trick. And, if you erect custom signs directed at the Mischief Night crowd specifically, you may end up being the one delivering the biggest Mischief Night scare.

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