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Visitors Must Register Projecting Sign: Welcome! Please Sign In At Office (S-4613) Learn More...

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Part# S-4613
Color Blue
Shape Projecting V

Product Description

A Projecting Visitors Sign can really project a message. Use a 'Visitors welcome! please sign in at office' sign that is ideal for long hallways.

  • This projecting sign makes your message clear from both directions.
  • A sign makes information accessible and reminds visitors of your protocol.
  • Projecting signs are easy to install onto flat surfaces; simply mount and your sign will last for years to come.
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  • 6" x "5"
  • Acrylic Projecting
Acrylic Projecting
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Sign lasts 2+ years outside. Great water and chemical resistance 200ºF Mounts with screws or clips. Jan 23
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  • Visible from all directions. Quickly spot emergency equipment.
  • 120 mils polished acrylic with flame treated edge.
  • Direct print on both sides – outlasts competitive decal-based projecting signs.
  • Includes handy attachment kit.
  • Innovative 74° bend for superior visibility.
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0 Order Quantity:
Size:6" x "5"
Material:Acrylic Projecting
Per Sign
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