Smoking Area Sign and Post Kit
Part# K-2682-KIT
Size 18" x 12" sign on 14" Base Stand with 48" post
Color White on Green
Package 1 Kit
Material Cast Iron 14" Base with Reflective Aluminum Sign Kit [BZ-CAST-KIT-14]
Contents 1 sign, 1 cast iron sign base, 1 post and 1 attachment hardware kit.

Smoking Sign & Post Kit 

Smoking Area With Cigarette Symbol

Use this conspicuous sign & post kit to send a message!
Package : 1 Kit • Price per Kit
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Kit
1 2 3 5 20
$162.77 $155.84 $142.98 $135.95 $128.61
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Product Description
Designate a Smoking Area easily with a Smoking Area Sign Kit. Need to change it? No worries. Signs are portable!

• Just move this sign to wherever smokers congregate.

• Built for stability, the base will not topple over during stormy weather or wind gusts.

• Sign is made from 63 mil thick aluminum with a reflective Engineer Grade overlaminate – improving nighttime visibility.

• Everything you need is included with the kit (i.e. the base, post, sign, and attachment hardware), saving you time and money from buying each component separately.

• Cast iron weighted base deters theft, but can bolted to the ground via the base for additional security.

Material Features Show Specifications
Size:   3" x 8" (H x W)
Min. Order: 1  Kit
Total Cost: 
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