Package:   1 Kit
Weight:   0.05 lbs / Kit
Quantity / Price (Per Kit)
    Tamperproof Attachment Hardware for Posts (2 bolts & 3 nuts)
    BoltGuard Anti-Theft Post Attachment Kit – 2 Bolts, 3 Tamperproof Nuts
    • Overview
    • Material
    • 2.5" x 0.3125" (H x W)
    • 2 steel one-way carriage bolts (5/16" x 2 1/2" long) with 3 Tamperproof Nuts (2 for Mounting, 1 for Installation)
    BoltGuard kit is equipped with 3 tamperproof nuts; 2 used to mount the sign and 1 for installing. Accompanied with 2, one-way security bolts for the optimal theft proof sign mounting solution.
    • Anti-theft hardware saves you time and money! Eliminate the need of replacing stolen signs with this low-cost invesment.
    • Sign mounting hardware is compatible with our signs (3/8" holes) and posts (u-channel and square).
    • Tamperproof nuts can be installed using a 7/8" wrench or an 8" adjustable wrench/pliers.
    • Tamperproof nut's bevelved edge and one-way security bolt prevents removal with ordinary tools. Sign can only be disengaged from the backside using the installaltion nut.
    • To install:
      1. Tighten first nut by hand onto the back of the sign post.
      2. Tighten the second nut, upside-down, on top of the first nut. The second nut locks with the first nut.
      3. Insert a wrench in between the two nuts and tighten until secure.
      4. When finished, remove second, top nut using a wrench leaving the first, bottom nut on the backside of the post. Save installation nut for next install or when you want to remove the sign.
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