SKU:   K-BASE-17
Package:   1 Base
Weight:   37.00 lbs / Base
Quantity / Price (Per Base)
    17" Diameter Cast Iron Sign Stand (with bolts & nuts) for signs up to 24" x 24"
    17" dia. Cast Iron Stand with a 48" tall post
    • Overview
    • Material
    • 48" x 17" (H x W)
    Put your signs anywhere. Portable base can be moved to just the right spot for your sign, and this 17" diameter model can accommodate signs up to 24" x 24"!
    • Heavy, cast iron base is nearly impossible to tip! Easily mount onto this post and base.
    • Use both sides of the post to show your message in both directions!
    • Compatible with a variety of different signs. Post can fit a rectangle sign up to 18" x 24", a square and octagon sign up to 24" x 24", a diamond and circle sign up to 18" x 18".
    • For larger signs, try our Heavyweight Blockade cast iron base.
    • Includes a 4' post and all necessary mounting hardware.
    • Once installed the post is 50" tall.
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