SKU:   Fence-Clip-02
Package:   2 Clips/Kit
Quantity / Price (Per Kit)
    Clips to Attach Sign to Fence
    Chain Link Fence Attachment Kit – Pair of EZ-Clips
    • Overview
    • Material
    • 1" x 4" (H x W)
    • 2 Fence Clips, 2 3/8" bolt, 2 3/16" screw & matching washers (2 Clips per Kit)
    Lock your sign onto chain link fence. Universial design for all hole sizes. 1-person installation.
    • This is simply the best fence clip you will find. Curved clip design locks your signs to chain-link fences. Clip accommodates all types of fences and signs.
    • Constructed of heavy duty, rust-free galvanized steel, kit also includes stainless steel bolts and nylon washers.
    • Three 3/8" holes and three 3/16" holes run down the bracket and allow for easy positioning while lining up the sign.
    • Universal clips are compatible with any of our 2 hole or 4 hole signs and can be used on signs from 5” to 72" wide.
    • Kit includes bracket and matching hardware for both 3/8" hole diameter and 3/16" hole diameter signs.
    • Use a standard wrench to tighten up the 3/8" bolt and a flat head screw driver to tighten the 3/16" screw.
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