We Take Your Security Seriously

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Security has changed. And, so have security signs. Let’s look at the reasons:
High Quality Symbols
High Quality Symbols
Professional graphics are easy to spot.
Designer Signs
Designer Signs
Convey a tough message – but use an elegant sign design.
Why MySecuritySign Video
Why MySecuritySign Video
Find out why over 1 million customers buy their signs from us.
Low Cost Surveillance. Security systems are no longer reduced to a singular silent alarm that then calls a police car. With low cost CCTV systems, often monitored remotely, even home owners can have a connected security system that, till now, was only possible for major companies. Instead of a single daytime camera you can have dozens of camera that spot intruders. Surveillance systems work at night and, increasingly include audio. To maximize the impact of these systems post multiple surveillance signs (on the floor, at the perimeter, at entrances).
Layers of Security. Security does not just start at the front door Savvy property owners realize that security starts an effective Community Watch program – which provides the first line of defense. Signs then initiate each progressive security step – Neighborhood Watch Signs on the street, Private Property Signs at the gate, No Trespassing/Violators Prosecuted Signs on your entrance and Authorized Only Signs at your door.
Big and Small. Small infractions lead to bigger security threats. This idea is a well known by police forces. Loitering, illegal dumping, drone nuisance, graffiti or, even, unwanted soliticitors… these all lead to a loss of control. Police call this the “Broken Windows Theory”. Incivility and disorder nurture more serious crime. We have thousands of signs that help you regain control. Prevent minor infractions that than lead to major criminality.
To be effective, Security Signs need to be visible, easy to understand and durable. Here is what we offer:
Durable Materials. We use the most durable materials in the market. We are a 3M Authorized Manufacturer and this means that keep complete control over our inks, films and laminates. The result are signs that last 2X longer than most competitors.
Easy Customization. With over 250 custom security sign templates, we give you a head start on the design process. Cite the specific ordinance regarding a fine for trespassing or a fine for a violation. Customized signs, with an explicit penalty and specific language for your property have been proven to be more effective than stock signs.
Direct-from-Manufacture Pricing. Our prices cannot be beat. Plus, we offer free shipping.
Immediate Shippping. Most signs ship in a day.
Security Signs reinforce your rules. You avoid the hassles of personal confrontation. Your rules are shown 24/7.
Ultimately, Security Signs are really an advertisement for you property rights – the right to be safe in your house or business and the right to privacy. Let us show you how security signs put you in control.
We take your security seriouisly.
- MySecuritySign Team