#TakeNoBullies: Making Digital Responsibility Stick

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    80% of teenagers use social networking sites to communicate with peers. Let's make their digital life as safe as it can be.
  • #TakeNoBullies is our outlet to connect with educators and students through a campaign that focuses on an issue we really care about: bullying.
  • As a sign company, we're in a unique position to create a visual toolkit for schools, youth groups, and individuals. We donate these materials to our partners. Together, we can spread positive messages, proactive attitudes, and empower communities to be kind in an ever-growing digital world.

We strive to work towards three goals:

  • • Create messages to increase healthy social media use among children and teens
  • • Use social networks constructively rather than to exclude and alienate others
  • • Support organizations that teach the values of responsible and respectful online activity.

Are you a good fit for #TakeNoBullies?

We support students, schools, and organizations that teach responsible digital citizenship and advocate against cyberbullying. If that’s you, please contact marketing [at] smartsign [dot] com for information about our movement and free buttons and stickers for your organization. They are also available here.
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#TakeNoBullies stickers are designed to raise preventative awareness about bullying, not as a substitute for intervention. If you or someone you know is physically or emotionally endangered by bullying, get help now.

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