Security Camera Label Set: Smile! You're On Camera (1 Label of 3.75"x5.5" and 2 Labels of 2.75"x4")

Header Security Camera Label Set
Legend Smile! You're On Camera (1 Label of 3.75"x5.5" and 2 Labels of 2.75"x4")
Part# LB-4137
Color Black on Yellow
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Let people on your property know they are on video camera. With 6 labels on a card you can apply these at your entrances, exits and anywhere else you want your security message to be seen.

• TwinCal double-sided labels have the message printed on the front and back making your security message visible to anyone entering or exiting your facility.

•  Stick the double-sided labels on the inside the glass for protection against the elements. Reflective labels are applied on the outside - perfect for solid doors or tinted glass.

• Bold red coloring and stop sign shape get easily noticed by your visitors.

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Card)
  arrowfirst Double Sided
Material Features:
  • Printed on both sides with an opaque inner layer between front and back.
  • Screen printed with long-lasting inks for durability.
  • Permanent adhesive on one side.
  • Clear UV protective laminate on outer layer.
  • 5 year outdoor life.
More Material Details
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Permanent adhesive creates a strong bond with the surface. 168ºF Two-sided print.
Package: 1 Card
Total: 1  Card  $13.15
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