Keep Off Grass LawnBoss® Sign & Stake Kit: No Mowing Beyond This Point (K-9781) Learn More...

Part# K-9781
Colors Black And Green
Shape Vertical

Product Description

Make this No Mowing sign a part of your lawn. Sign is easy to install in lawns.

  • Lawnboss™ Sign & Stake Kit includes a thick aluminum sign and a tall stake.
  • Sign comes pre-assembled. Just install the stake in the soil using a hammer.
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    • 63 mil thick aluminum sign with a 3' stake.
    • Printed with 3M inks designed for outdoor traffic or parking signs.
    • Laminated – to enhance graffiti and UV resistance.
    • Heavy-duty, bend-proof stake has tapered end for easy insertion into ground.
    • Durable, with a long outdoor life - up to 10 years.
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