No Dumping Signs Help Keep Streets Clean And Safe

The new trend of the 21st century is “going green.” People all over the globe are altering their lifestyles to incorporate a more environmentally-friendly habits. Stores are selling eco-friendly products and even packing them into eco-friendly bags. Research shows that in 2012 at least 5% of new vehicles sold in the U.S. will be a hybrid vehicle. For those who want to jump on the bandwagon, “going green” is easy, effective, and helps keep our environment clean, unpolluted, and disease-free.
A simple way to start the green process is to abstain from dumping in illegal areas. This includes all trash, litter, debris, and unwanted furniture. People may overlook the detriments of dumping, and remain unaware of both the environmental, health, and aesthetic effects dumping can produce. Garbage and litter that is strewn in the streets soils the air by attracting undesired wildlife such as rats, rodents, and dogs carrying diseases. The unwanted waste can generate pollution in both the air and water system, depending on the type of disposed waste. To top it all off, those beat up pieces of furniture are an eye-sore. Beyond a superficial level, the visual results of illegal dumping can result in a decrease in property values in your neighborhood. If only people knew how they were hurting not only the environment but also their own well-being, maybe they would think twice about where they put their trash.
If some aren’t as inspired about the “going green” process merely through knowledge of the potential risks and effects, No Dumping Signs can more forcefully “inspire” them. With visible and distinct No Dumping Signs, people will be aware of the law and penalties, and will hesitate before putting their trash where it doesn’t belong. Furthermore, the property owner of areas where illegal dumping does occur is fully responsible for the clean-up process, providing another incentive to make sure those signs are properly installed.
Not convinced? Consider a mathematical perspective. The probability for a company or firm to notice illegal dumping, identify the culprit, and impose on him/her a fine is positively related to the company or firm’s monitoring efforts of dumping areas. If the company fails to discover the offender, the company faces a fine of illegal disposal plus the cost operation. Therefore, possible fines are both exorbitant and unnecessary when the violators should be prosecuted; the price of purchasing and erecting the signs is a small price to pay versus the liability of dealing with illegal dumping. So why risk paying to get rid of other people’s junk? The No Dumping Signs can do all your chores by informing others of illegal dumping items, which is constantly growing, and impound the fines on those that deserve them. These No Dumping Signs are state compliant with your respective state and explicitly stress the penalties and fine amounts. You can also personalize your own No Dumping Sign and warn others of private, residential, or public property laws.