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Home Security: Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations

Q. What steps can homeowners take towards ensuring home security?


Homeowners can take the following simple steps towards a safe and secure home:

  • - Securing doors and windows when leaving the house unoccupied
  • - Keeping the bushes around the house trimmed, well-maintained, and of a safe height so intruders can’t use them as camouflage 
  • - Keeping the house exterior, entrance in particular, well lit
  • - Ensuring proper upkeep of doors and windows
  • - Developing and maintaining cordial relationships with the neighbors
  • - Installing a security system and related home security signage and maintaining the system to ensure it works as intended

Additionally, simple hacks work wonders as well like not hiding home keys in the most expected places such as under a pot or a doormat or leaving some form of an audio device such as radio, music system, etc. on when leaving the house to give the impression that the house is occupied. It may also be a good idea not to make much noise about going away and leaving the house unattended, which is akin to an open invitation to intruders and burglars. 

Q. How effective are home security systems in keeping a property safe from criminal elements?


Home security systems and signs are a rather effective tool in deterring potential criminals, as concluded by several studies and surveys. According to one such study, about 90% of burglars stay away from homes equipped with home security systems, while close to 75% shy away from breaking into a home with a home security decal or sign installed.

Q. Is installing home security signs required by law?


There is no nation-wide law to this end, but different jurisdictions may have some requirements about home security signs. Nevertheless, these signs are an effective security measure to prevent criminal activities on your property. A study on 422 incarcerated burglars revealed security signs to be the ninth most considered security measure.

Q. How effective are fake home security signs in discouraging intruders?


Fake home security signs may work to deter inexperienced or opportunist burglars but might not be very effective against repeat offenders who are likely to be aware of such tricks and hacks. Although posting fake security signs may serve the purpose to some extent at a considerably low cost, your home security will still be at risk and your peace of mind compromised.

Q. What are some ways to keep smart homes secure?


Given their unique characteristics, smart homes need more security measures in addition to regular home security systems. To protect your smart home from cybercriminals, opt for secondary or multi-factor authentication for all internet-based devices connected to your home. This prevents hacking by requiring multiple steps in place of just a username and password to gain access to a device. 

You should update firmware for each device at least once a month to be protected from the latest cybercriminal activities. It is also critical to install and regularly update malware protection on all computers and smartphones. You may also want to refrain from connecting to public Wi-Fi, which can give a hacker easy access to your devices and compromise your personal information.

Looking for Home Security Signs?
Looking for Home Security Signs?
Highly noticeable signs safeguard your homes and deter crime on your property.