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By Appointment Only Signage: Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses


It’s important for the public to know if your clinic is operational after the lockdown and whether walk-ins are allowed. There are many ways of communication with your customers. If you have an existing database of your customers’ contact details, reach out to them using your social media accounts, direct messaging or a digital advertisement. You can also spread the word by updating your business listing on search engines.

Since safety has become paramount in the pandemic situation, clearly mention in all your messages about your “appointment only” policy. Distinct “By Appointment Only” signs add clarity for any walk-ins and future visitors. A-frame sidewalk signs are a great option to put out your message outside the clinic while door signs are great indoors.


Limit Capacity: Inform visitors you have reduced the maximum occupancy or capacity inside your facility. Set a limit on the number of people that can be present at a given time. Like 5 shoppers at a time in the store, 10 tables at a time in a food joint, or 2 patients in the waiting room. Designate an employee at the entrance who will stop entry after the set limit is reached. 

Meet By Appointment Only: If the nature of the business allows, communicate with your clients to make a pre booking or registration over phone or online and set up an appointment before coming. This way you can achieve the required social distancing by setting up only a few appointments daily and ensuring best sanitation practices after each visit. You can use signage to inform shoppers about the appointment policy.

Go online: Businesses of all sizes and sectors are establishing their online presence along with the brick-and-mortar facility in order to divide the consumers between offline and online services, ensuring proper social distancing. 

Turnwise visits: Many retail stores have come up with interesting crowd-control measures. Like some stores have asked consumers to shop according to their last names – the first letter of a last name would correspond to a specific shopping date.


A lot of businesses who rely on clients can use Appointment Required Signs in order to prevent people from clustering at your place and creating risk of contamination. Some of the businesses and professions are listed below.

  • - Spa/Salons/Beauty Professionals
  • - Gymnasiums/Physical Training Centers
  • - Clinics/Medical Centers/Doctor’s Office
  • - Offices
  • - Professional services
  • - Boutiques/Exclusive Retail Services
  • - Lawyers/Legal advisors
  • - Real estate agents

Pre booking signs can be used by restaurants, cafes, and other dining places.


Definitely yes. When an appointment is set with a person, you take down the person’s name, contact information, and many other details like any of their ID numbers, depending on the nature of business. This eliminates the possibility of a complete stranger entering your property and the chances of an unforeseen criminal activity happening on site. If an accident happens, you have the person’s details which you can share with the police and get the criminal arrested in no time. Large numbers of walk-in visitors can be a serious security risk for a property. 

Even walk-in facilities can ask their visitors to provide their details on site, but an appointment only notice creates a much stronger impact on how serious you are about the security and exclusiveness at your business place. 


In real estate, often luxury and well maintained home showings are done by “appointment only”. This means that a house intended for sale puts up a notice saying “Shown by Appointment Only” which would not allow realtors or numerous curious neighbors to just walk in whenever they like. Owners can decide the time and date when their home is available to be shown. The buyer or real estate agents must call the seller prior to coming and set an appointment for the showing. Owners of “Shown By Appointment Only” homes are less worried about their valuables when strangers come to see the home. Such listings are common in larger buildings with many apartments where owners are mostly working professionals who might be unavailable to show their homes at any time of the day.


Prevent Rush: Every business has a peak hours during which congestion and crowding is seen. Scheduling visitors would prevent everyone from accumulating at rush hours. 

Flexibility: This policy gives you the flexibility to block off times when you don’t want to be available for meetings or services. Since you know you have an appointment at 6 o'clock, you can easily run an errand at 4.

Convenience: Appointment Only policy offers more convenience not just to businesses but clients, customers, visitors, or salespeople also. Everybody can be assured that the person would be available on the set timing. 

Time-saving: When the staff knows at what time the customer is expected to arrive, they would be ready with their setup or preparation if required. This would save a lot of time for both the parties. Pre-registration makes it easy to remind guests what to bring, and more.

Security: Appointment only entry will filter out any unknown or unwanted person from visiting your business or residential place, making sure that security is taken care of.

Looking for By Appointment Only Signs?
Looking for By Appointment Only Signs?
Have people call and fix meeting before they visit. Buy professional signs at best prices.