Guard your property with ConeBoss Signs

August 1, 2017

Parking lots, construction sites, and other areas can attract criminal activity. MySecuritySign’s line of ConeBoss Signs for security is a cost-effective solution to protect your property.
With our line of ConeBoss signs, a standard traffic cone can be turned into a signpost in minutes. Just mount a sign on top of your cone to make your security sign more visible to your visitors, guests, and any potential wrongdoers.

No Trespassing Cone Sign
ConeBoss Signs are easy to set up: just place the ConeBoss on top of a standard orange traffic cone and you’re ready to go. Unlike a wall-mounted or a pole-mounted sign, a ConeBoss sign is portable. Just lift and place anywhere you want your message to get maximum attention.

Beware of Dog Cone Sign
ConeBoss Signs relay your message effectively. Our reflective signs use 3M reflective materials to offer great visibility even at night and in dimly lit areas, and our ConeBoss Signs are laminated for superior durability.
Cone Signs can be screwed into the cone using two holes for permanent assembly. Even if they’re just slipped on the cone top temporarily, signs won’t flop or wobble in the wind, and are hard for passers-by to knock over.

Custom ConeBoss Sign
We offer a wide variety of stock products for common situations, such as “no trespassing,” or “beware of dog,” but we also offer custom products that allow you to select your own text. If you have any questions, contact us!


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