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No more Game of Drones!

June 1, 2017

Drones are everywhere, ranging from construction zones to the logistics industry. But not all property owners want these battery-powered quadcopters hovering over their property. And sometimes, regulators have restricted or banned drones outright.

No Drone Sign by FAA

The FAA has restricted drone operations over 133 military bases across the US. Operating drones is restricted within five miles of an airport. The agency has released an interactive map that shows “No Drone Zones” across the nation.

In a document titled Voluntary Best Practices For UAS Privacy, Transparency, and Accountability issued by the FAA, drone operators are clearly instructed not to fly over other people’s private property without permission or violate their privacy by taking pictures, video, or otherwise gathering sensitive data.

With our bold and clear No Drone Signs, property owners can easily create a “No Drone Zone” and issue specific instructions to drone operators like “Flying Within 500 feet of This Property Is Prohibited.” Our signs can also be used at outdoor sports venues, fairgrounds, and other live events where security needs to be tight. Recently, the FAA declared the Super Bowl ground at NRG Stadium as a No Drone Zone. The decision could have been a reaction to drones crashing in the middle of sports events like the US Open tennis tournament.

No Drone Signs help flyers be aware of the restricted areas. You can also use our custom templates to create personalized drone warning signs.

Private Property Drone Warning Sign

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