Making sense of Texas gun signs

January 11, 2016
New Texas gun laws went into effect on January 1, 2016.  Before, Texans with handgun permits were required to keep their weapons concealed. The open carry law gives Texans the option to carry their handguns openly, as well as concealed. Under the new law, Texans with handgun permits can be armed in most places open to the public. This includes private businesses, unless the business opts out of the open carry law.
Companies’ policies vary, but they generally fall into three groups: no carry, concealed carry only, and open carry. Chuck E. Cheese’s and Whole Foods are no carry businesses, and ban guns on their premises. H-E-B and Whataburger allow concealed carry, but do not allow open carry. Other businesses, like Kroger and Bass Pro Shops, allow both concealed and open carry in their establishments.
Whatever your decision, MySecuritySign’s Texas gun signs will help you bring your business into compliance with the law. (A note: the rules are different if your business sells alcohol. Skip to the bottom of this page for details.)
30.06 sign

Our 30.06-compliant sign forbidding concealed handguns. If a visitor violates this sign, they’re subject to criminal penalties.

30.07 sign

Our compliant Texas 30.07 sign forbidding open carry.


30.05 no long guns sign

Our 30.05 sign lets visitors know that carrying a long gun onto the property means trespassing. Note that because long guns don’t require a license in Texas, penalties for violating this sign are the same as for trespassing more generally instead of criminal.

If your business sells alcohol, the rules are a bit different.  Long guns are banned in all businesses with liquor licenses.
  • If you sell alcohol for off-premises consumption:
  • If your business sells alcohol for consumption on the premises, and 50% or less of revenues come from alcohol:
  • If your business sells alcohol for consumption on the premises, and a majority of revenues come from alcohol:
    • All guns are prohibited, and you are required to use the 51% sign.

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