Do Not Feed Seagull Signs: a Must-Have for Your Coastal Property

June 2, 2017

Feeding seagulls on the beach might look fun but there are several problems attached to it—for your property, visitors, and the birds themselves. Giving seagulls processed food) causes the birds to rely less on natural food sources, which are more nutritious. This affects their health and long-term survival.

Seagulls may congregate on your property if they know they can get fed. This causes litter and bird droppings, which can lead to vermin and the spread of disease. Seagulls are social creatures, so once one of them starts nesting on your property, others will begin to settle there too. They may also start attacking humans and snatching food off their hands in such places. If you own a waterfront establishment with a colony of seagulls nearby, you are going to have a lot of problems with patrons being generous with their food. Stop customers from feeding the birds and advise them to protect their food.

To protect your property, to prevent seagull attacks, and to protect these birds from overexposure to humans, we recommend installing Do Not Feed Seagull Signs.

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