People Put Up Warning Signs as Concealed Carry Begins In Wisconsin

Licensed individuals in the state of Wisconsin can now carry guns and move around armed with a concealed weapon per the law called the Wisconsin’s concealed-carry law that goes into effect starting from November 1.
Wisonsin concealed gun sign for entrance
The law signed by Governor Scott Walker allows those with a permit to be armed with a concealed weapon.
Weapons here are defined to mean firearms, knives, billy clubs and electric-energy weapons. Switchblades do not come under the list of permissible weapons and these are not allowed inside or outside buildings.
Wisconsin’s law also does not permit carrying a weapon in some public buildings like schools, courthouses, jails or prisons, police stations etc. However, individuals who undergo training and have a permit will be allowed to enter public buildings like city halls and state Capitol except when there is a signage at the entrance, notifying that weapons are not allowed.
The law does not state a similar exception for colleges or universities. However, the Wisconsin Administrative Code at UWS 18.10(3) bans possession or usage of dangerous weapons in the university except when the weapon is used for law enforcement purpose or the person gets a written approval from the administrative officer.
The decision to legalize carrying weapon, though taken in a good light by supporters, has increased cautiousness among people.
The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has begun installing signs at points of access to the university buildings, stating prohibition of state arms and weapons.
The Stadium View Bar in Ashwaubenon, too will have a ‘No Guns Allowed’ warning sign placed somewhere close to the ‘special of the day’ and the ‘no smoking sign’, starting today.
Owner of the Stadium View Bar, Jerry Watson said that the sign will clarify to people, it is a class three federal felony to drink and possess a weapon. Business Insurance Advisor, Bruce Keeble says that installing No Guns Signs, No Weapons Signs and similar warning signs is a choice business owners have, to prevent potential lawsuits. But, the decision to ban guns should be taken after careful thought. He adds on by saying that prohibiting concealed carry in property will not give a person immunity and that s(he) would still face a lawsuit, should anything occur.
You can download the free PDF for No Weapons Signs here.