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Why do so many property managers buy our No Trespassing and Security Signs?

"What is your competitive edge?"

Yes, we have quickly emerged as a leader online. Here are some compelling reasons why more and more customers buy their security and property signs from us:
Custom Signs are easy to order.
"Litterbug Larry" is a favorite
of many communities.

Our award winning technology makes it easy to design your own signs online. With over 200 custom sign templates, fast and free shipping, web-best prices and terrific designs, MySecuritySign has emerged as the online leader.
Breadth of Line
We like to be called the 'the Amazon' of aluminum signs. Whether you are looking for signs for video surveillance, dumpsters, parking or, even pet control we offer an incredible range of designs.
Best Pricing
Just compare prices for common no trespassing signs. Here are a few benchmarks.
Our standard 12" x 18" reflective aluminum signs have a price of $19.95, for just one. Many of the best sellers have an even better price, as low as $11.95/sign. Our leading competitors sell the same sign for over $45.00.
Then, look at our price for custom signs – our custom pricing is less than others for stock signs. Compare our price of just $39.95 for a single custom sign (and no set-up fee) with those of the leading competitors – $90.00 (which is the base price of $50.00 per sign plus a set up fee of another $40.00).
See the accountants' review of the competitive pricing. They looked at ten typical orders (both custom and stock; both large and small). When compared to the three largest competitors, we save you almost 50%*!
Free Shipping
Your economics are even better when you take a hard look at shipping and handling costs. As a simple example, let’s analyze an order for just two 12” x 18” no trespassing signs and two 8' posts. This $108.80 order qualifies your for free shipping, which saves you $13.00 to $26.00 (depending upon the shipping zone) in UPS charges (let alone what most sign companies add for "handling"). Nor, do we squirm when you order those heavy bases and posts. Ground UPS shipping is free for any order over $50.00 (e.g. most orders) that ship to the continental US. Signs and posts are expensive to ship. When you do the math, our free shipping policy, on average, saves you 19%!
Sign Experts
From how-to installation tips, to our easy-to-understand specifications or, even, the analysis of life-cycle sign economics ... it is easy to see that our lifetime of experience shows through. We know signs. We know the regulations. Give our CSR team a call if you have any questions, (800) 952-1457.
Easy Customization
Our award-winning technology makes it easy to design your own sign. With over 250 custom security sign templates, we give you a head start on the design process. Cite the specific ordinance regarding a fine for trespassing. Award a key employee or student achievement with a personalized sign. Add your property's name to the No Trespassing signs and a telephone number in case of an emergency. Then, check the spelling, change a font and quickly compare material features. We make custom signs easy.
Best Quality
These are municipal grade, professional signs. These are not steel signs (which rust). These are not thinner gauged 0.063" or 0.040" aluminum signs (which bend). Nor, do we use generic reflective films. Our signs use 0.080" thick aluminum and premier 3M materials. We are a "3M House"; there is little question that 3M offer's the industry's best warranty and durability. These are the brightest signs on the market. Signs are prepunched, have rounded, burr-free corners and are easy to install. And, quality does not merely mean top notch materials. The design of the sign is important too. For example, compare the symbol that we use for our 'drug free gun free' signs with the symbol use by others.
Drug Free Gun Free Zone
Drug Free Gun Free School Zone
Immediate Shipping
Most of signs are shipped in a day or two of your order. This includes both custom signs and stock signs. Our factory is one of the two to three largest in the US market. There are warehouses full of posts and signs, all ready for quick ship. It is easy to track your order's progress online, too.
As you can see, we are not your typical sign company. We do not have expensive and massive catalogs that must be mailed monthly to any and all possible buyers. We do not have expensive salesmen calling on distributors and large corporate buyers. We do not bombard you with special "teaser" offers that are nothing more than a way to mask prices that are pegged at a level that is too high. And, we do not lead with special pricing, only to make it all up with extravagant shipping and handling charges.
We are, instead, a ruthlessly efficient, technically proficient, internet sign company. We offer the best quality and the best price with immediate delivery.
With all of this going for us, it is easy to see how we have taken the industry by storm.
* Every time the accountants do this survey of competitive prices, they insist that we should raise our prices – by a lot. No one comes close. Yet, we sell a great many signs and are committed to "fair deal" pricing – even if others do not.