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Frequently Asked Questions

 Security and Property Signs

Q. What types of sign mounting posts do you sell?

We offer a complete line of u-channel, round, and square sign posts. We stock these sign posts in both green and galvanized finishes. Custom and decorative sign posts are available. To buy sign posts, click here.

Q. What grade of aluminum is used to make road sign blanks?

We offer aluminum sign blanks in two alloys, 5052-H38 and 3105-H191. We carry multiple guages (thickness) including .040", .063", .080", .100", and .125". All aluminum is processed in-house to better control quality. We level, treat, cut, punch and radius aluminum coils into road sign aluminum blanks, all within our 65,000 square foot production facility.

Q. How do I fasten the signs to a fence?

Use our inexpensive fence clips. They come in pairs. For most people, fastening a sign with our clips is actually a 'one person affair'.

Q. We have had an accident. Although no one was seriously hurt, we are worried that we need a better sign at the street corner. Do you have any suggestions?

Consider adding a 'Blazer' to your sign. This fluorescent reflective sign snaps into the sign's metal post. It is hard to miss and could really help. Also consider a replacement sign. Over time, a sign's brightness may decrease.

Q. What’s the best size for a Video Camera Sign?

Certainly, the larger the sign, the further away your message will be seen. The sooner someone contemplating an illegal behavior (vandalism, graffiti, trespassing) becomes aware of your surveillance system, the more likely you will be to help deter this activity. Savvy property owners actually post several signs - not just at the perimiter of your surveillance camera range, but also in traffic-heavy areas. Multiple signs reinforce your surveillance system and leverage your CCTV investment. The rule-of-thumb for legiblity, is that each 1” of letter height gives 25 feet of viewing distance. Other factors matter, however: lighting, angularity and, if you in a car, speed. The three signs below are most common/ The larger sign (24” tall) might be used along roadways, the 18” tall sign is often used on entrances, sidewalks or pedestrian areas and the smller 10” tall sign is used at the door.
Best Sizes for a Video Camera Sign

Q. Do I need to add the penal code number to our No Trespassing Signs?

The short answer is no. In fact you don’t even need to post a No Trespassing sign for it to be illegal. However, it takes out the ambiguity and makes the rules clear. A threatening sign will deter potential violators from trespassing.

So to, there is no penal code requirement for your sign. The warning is sufficient. However, posting the penal code can add extra emphasis on the fact that trespassing is breaking the law, and this extra boldness may thwart even more trespassing. In sum, the penal code is not essential, but it helps.