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No Trespassing Signs - Enforceable by law?

You have every right to protect your property. Whether it is your office, your home, your apartment, your factory, farms, or even your forests – your property needs to be safeguarded against intruders and trespassers. Entering a premise when one is clearly warned not to do so or remaining on the property when asked to leave accounts for Trespassing. Marking your territory thus becomes essential to make people aware of the no trespassing zone. In addition to demarcation through fencing, No Trespassing Signs are the most effective means to secure your property.
No Trespassing Signs function in a similar manner as the actual guards on the property. They are very helpful in common trespassing situations such as children entering your private playground. At work, intruders trying to enter after work hours, or unauthorized people trying to barge in are regular incidents that require clear-cut no trespassing rules. These instances can be curbed with stern no trespassing signs.
Trespassing isn’t just a breach of privacy or law. It even leads to concerns of theft and vandalism. In large natural surroundings one needs to protect their livestock and other animals from hunting and related threats. You would not want your private lake to be a common fishing ground. In offices, trespassers could pose threat to your data security. However, posting straightforward No Trespassing Signs intimidate unauthorized people and keep them off the property.
No Trespassing Signs are enforceable by law in some states. But regardless of the state, the presence of No Trespassing Signs on your property works in your favor if you are seeking legal retribution. These signs may help you avoid legal and monetary liability if a stranger is hurt on your property.
In both forms of trespassing, Civil and Criminal, intent plays an important role in final decision making. Civil trespassing requires the defendant to sue the trespasser. On the other hand criminal trespassing can be enforced by the authorities directly. Mostly, all forms of trespassing are classified as misdemeanor under law. For Example, in Florida trespassing is usually considered a second degree misdemeanor that can lead up to 60 days in jail or maximum fine of $500, or both. Although, possessing firearms while trespassing in the same state is a felony punishable by imprisonment for up to 5 years and/or $5000 in fine. Similarly, every state has its own set of trespassing laws. (Read about all states here)
Certain state laws also specify definite sizes and colors for No Trespassing Signs. In general the prevalent requirement is for signs to be readable and obvious.
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